Vote "No" on November 8.

Augusta County is asking voters to approve spending $45,000,000 to build a new courthouse in Verona. Vote "NO" this Election Day and let them know you support saving taxpayer dollars and keeping the courthouse where it is.

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What's the Issue?

During the past three decades, nine Augusta County Boards of Supervisors, several judges, and all need studies performed have found no need for a new Augusta County courthouse.

However, the current Board approved a referendum asking county taxpayers to allow moving court operations to Verona and building a new courthouse there for $45,000,000, a preliminary estimate arrived at solely by the county's architect.

County taxpayers don’t get a second vote. If this project goes over budget, the courts must move no matter the cost, which potentially means higher taxes, slashing county budgets for critical resources, or borrowing even more money.

Significant details such as the actual costs and other options that should be considered are not being adequately and accurately discussed, leaving taxpayers with many unanswered questions.

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